Four Questions All Leaders Should Be Continually Asking Themselves

LeadershipBy Dr. Frank Damazio

A leader who is weak in biblical principles will become prey to trends and spiritual fads. Truth is sought out and applied on many levels according to the maturity level of the church.

Therefore what might seem trendy for one, might be truth for another. A church which lacks the solid foundation of the basic principles has no secure way to evaluate spiritual fads and many other problems.

You as the leader or pastor are responsible to build on the rock solid biblical principles that have been tried and proven by the Word of God.

So here are 4 questions that you should be continually asking yourself:

  1. Am I responding to truth or trend?
  2. Am I responding to personality or personal convictions?
  3. Am I responding for spiritual reasons or selfish reasons?
  4. Am I responding cautiously or hastily?