Great Teams Build Great Churches

When a leader gets better, everyone gets better.

This course is strategically focused on inspiring all leaders at every level in the church to be great team members, great team leaders and to build together great teams who have the vision to build a great church. Learn how to develop yourself into a great team player and how to develop teams that work cohesively and efficiently to build a great church. The energy, creativity, and dynamics that will enable you to become great teams are observable, quantifiable, and measurable.

Used by churches and organizations globally.

What's Included?

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6+ Hours of Teaching

12 Audio & Video Sessions

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Course Overview & Topics

Session 1 (35:33)

The Foundation for Team Culture

Session 2 (23:20)

The Commitment to Build Team Culture

Session 3 (37:08)

Team Player Foundations

Session 4 (29:29)

Two Kinds of Team Players

Session 5 (37:41)

How to Implement Team Culture with Team Values

Session 6 (23:36)

Team Leader Values of Ministry

Session 7 (36:29)

Choosing the Right Team

Session 8 (29:20)

Team Leadership Styles

Session 9 (31:57)

Understanding Covenants

Session 10 (27:02)

Covenant Makers

Session 11 (21:41)

Trust Defined

Session 12 (29:06)

The Trust Factor

If your church lacks a healthy team culture.

This course will help you build healthy team culture from core principles and a philosophy of leadership that is embraced by all leaders.

If you can't find any good leaders or volunteers.

This course will help you define what team players should look like and how to find the right team leaders & develop a good style of leadership.

If you have a dysfunctional team or leaders.

This course will teach you how to establish team trust, and the difference between a healthy team and a dysfunctional one.

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