Mentoring Experience

My mentoring experience is an up-close and personal setting that takes place at my home in Portland, OR. We will be at my dining room table with teaching, discussion and transparency. The set topic will drive our discussions.

An up close and personal leadership experience.

The atmosphere is not academic in nature, it’s more personal, pastoral, mentoring and transparency. There will be a chosen topic with frame teaching and content given that will be the foundation for discussion, Q&A, personal insights, experience, struggles and application. The cost of the event will also include a full delicious home made lunch as well as plenty of snacks and refreshments.

Things You Should Know

Time Commitment

I only allow 10 lead or senior pastors to be at this even. The Damazio Mentoring Experience is a full day commitment (10AM-5PM) that takes place in my home in Portland, Oregon. Full details will be provided upon registration to event.

Financial Commitment

The cost for this program is $375.00 USD and includes prepared notes for you to take home, as well as lunch, snacks and drinks. Travel, lodging & transportation is your responsibility and is not covered.

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The Damazio Mentoring Experience is currently available for lead pastors only. Please fill out the application to be notified when a spot opens up.