Take Your Preaching to the Next Level

Every preacher has the desire to progress little by little, with a relentless pursuit of continuous development and improvement. This course is designed to build solid preaching principles into all preaches on all levels of preaching. Preaching involves hermeneutics, good theology, exegesis skills, crafting sermons, along with connecting and communicating the message to the listeners. 

Become more than a storyteller.

Can you relate to any of these?

Your sermons feel shallow and missing something.

This course will help you become more than just a storyteller and add theological depth to your preaching.

You have no process or strategy for your preaching.

I will give you systems and processes that I personally use to help strengthen your sermons and communicate to your audience better.

You're exhausted, tired and burnt out on comparison.

This course will help rekindle your passion to preach, learn authenticity and feel confident.

Learn to craft better sermons and develop sound theology.

Get serious about your preaching and learn low to speak with confidence, authenticity and a theological depth. You’ll learn how to craft better sermons, develop sound theology and improve your communication and preaching skills.  

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Course Overview

Session 1: History of Preaching & Preachers
Session 2: The Keizan Preaching Principle
Session 3: The Sermon Types & Styles of Preaching
Session 4: The Theology of the Preacher
Session 5: The Hermeneutics of the Preacher
Session 6: Preaching with Skilled Communication
Session 7: Preaching with Dynamic Anointing
Bonus: 22 Laws of Preaching with Purpose & Passion

Get serious about your preaching.

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