10 Questions All Pastors Should Ask Themselves

If you have lost heart because you are doing the 10 things all pastors are doing but not seeing satisfying results, let me offer some suggestions so that you can get better traction and better results. Let me match the 10 things pastors do, say and feel with 10 questions pastors need to ask about […]

10 Basic Things All Lead Pastors Do, Say And Feel

Throughout my time in ministry, I have traveled to countless churches and talked with many lead pastors. I try and ask the lead pastor what they do and what is working for them. I want to know what they hope to accomplish by doing what they do. Most of the time, I hear the same […]

Four Questions All Leaders Should Be Continually Asking Themselves

A leader who is weak in biblical principles will become prey to trends and spiritual fads. Truth is sought out and applied on many levels according to the maturity level of the church. Therefore what might seem trendy for one, might be truth for another. A church which lacks the solid foundation of the basic […]