Coaching Application

The Frank Damazio Leadership Coaching experience is currently available for lead pastors only.

During each session, this structured one-on-one coaching time will cover specific areas and provide clear expectations with concrete action plans.

"Coaching pastors is my heart and I draw from 40 years of experience in church planting, church pastoring, church growth, building church culture, setting vision, establishing values, creating a leadership pipeline, decision making, staff structures, building new buildings, creating a generosity culture, preaching, marriage, family and leadership transitions. My coaching is based on experience and knowledge, not just knowledge and skills learned in a classroom. I see coaching as mentoring, imparting, relational and providing accountability, and I find joy in taking you, the pastor, to your next level."

The coaching experience is a one year plan with a fee. The cost for this program is $500.00 USD per month for the 2-hour program, and $300.00 USD for the 1-hour program. Appointments are pre-set for 6 months and can be completed through a phone call, FaceTime, a Skype appointment or by using other types of technology connections. There is limited access to this program with only 7-10 pastors being coached at any given time.

To be considered for this program, please fill out the following application.

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