About Dr. Frank Damazio

Dr. Frank Damazio has been in ministry for over forty years as a college professor, church planter, lead pastor of a large multi-site church, Bible college president and chairman of a fellowship of churches. Frank is a graduate of Portland Bible College, has a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry from Oral Roberts University, and has authored over 30 books. He is presently devoting his life full time to Frank Damazio Ministries through creating web resources, providing leadership coaching, presenting leadership intensives, writing new books and speaking nationally and internationally.

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"Frank Damazio examines the combination of qualities that give churches a strategic edge. For any leader who wants to see their church reach its God-Given potential, Frank Damazio's resources are inspiring."

Brian Houston, Global Senior Pastor, Hillsong Church


"Frank Damazio was one of the first intentional leaders to believe in me. He helped shape my ministry worldview. I have been watching him take leaders to the next level my entire life. I'm honored to say he has had a significant voice of input into my life and ministry."

Judah Smith, Lead Pastor, Churchome


"Frank Damazio is one of the most essential voices today. His wisdom, biblical insight and profound gift of substantive multi-disciplined teaching has informed my theological construct and will challenge you."

John Gray, Lead Pastor, Relentless Church


"Frank Damazio is one of the first people I go to for insights on church and the Bible..."

Carl Lentz, Lead Pastor, Hillsong NYC


"Frank Damazio has made such a profound impact on my life and ministry. He is a constant resources that I use for information and inspiration, a theologian and prophet. His apostolic leadership is essential to what we are building at ZOE Church."

Chad Veach, Lead Pastor, ZOE Church

"Frank Damazio's writings on leadership are outstanding, they give you the tools you need..."

Jentezen Franklin, Lead Pastor, Free Chapel