Become a NEXT LEVEL Pastor, Leader or Church Planter with Dr. Frank Damazio


I'm on a mission to combine all my church pastoring experience, church planting, coaching pastors, troubleshooting churches in decline or stuck from the past 40 years and pour it into my intensives, coaching and resources to help pastors and leaders like you take their churches to the next level.


Do you want to reach your full potential and take yourself, your team and your church to the next level?


Together with my team here at Frank Damazio Ministries, I help pastors and leaders strategically grow their church and leadership teams and lead with confidence using over 40 years of personal church pastoring experience.


Training specifically designed to inspire, strengthen and prepare local church pastors and leaders.


It seems as if leadership preparation has not equipped us to face today’s theological challenges, organizational changes and tremendous pressures to succeed. My goal is to help you navigate through today’s complex world to not only build, but sustain a healthy church and leadership team. Join me at one of my live trainings or tune into my monthly podcast.



Introducing the Frank Damazio Leadership Podcast. I’m excited to be sharing monthly teachings on leadership in my new podcast. Available on iTunes, Spotify & Google. Don’t forget to leave a review & subscribe.


Damazio mentoring experience

An intimate one-day mentoring experience that will be limited to 10 pastors at a time, up close and personal and is designed for lead pastors who are committed to developing and growing in their skill and ministry.



A combination of academic quality, Biblical content, spiritual impartation, mentoring and coaching.



Ready to take the next step? One-On-One focused, strategic coaching for Lead Pastors only. Enrollment is limited.



Take your team & church to the next level with a combination of strategic teaching, mentoring, team building & consulting.