10 Questions All Pastors Should Ask Themselves

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I believe that God is calling you today to be a great leader – not just good or average, but over-the-top; and I am committed to helping you grow into that calling and take your leadership to the next level.

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Preaching Course

Learn to craft better sermons, develop sound theology and build your communication & preaching skills.

Teams Course

Learn how to develop yourself and teams that work cohesively and efficiently to build a great church.

Atmosphere Course

Learn how to build a dynamic God-filled atmosphere through your church & leaders where great things happen.

Used by churches and organizations globally.

Church & Team Access

Looking for church pricing?

I would love to partner with your church. Equip your entire staff or team for life and get access to exclusive features for pastors and church teams for a one-time price. Contact us below and get a custom quote for your church.

Damazio Cohort

You're consistently meeting the needs of those around you... but who's pastoring you?

The Damazio Cohort is a 6 month, interactive ZOOM class for pastors and leaders with a deep desire to invest into themselves, their church or organization and their leadership limited to around 20 pastors and leaders. 

Mentoring Experience

An up close and personal leadership development experience.

My mentoring experience is an up-close and personal setting that takes place at my home in Portland, OR. We will be at my dining room table with teaching, discussion and transparency. The set topic will drive our discussions.

Trusted by leaders, churches and organizations globally.

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