One-Day Intensive

This type of Intensive is especially created and designed to fit different one day event settings. A one-day event is perfect for a local church setting where all leaders, potential leaders, and people who would benefit from this type of event can easily attend. This Intensive is also great as a regional leadership event and can allow many different churches to be involved.

It’s a 6 session, full day intensive from 9AM–5PM. As a local church event, you will have the opportunity to choose from any of my One-Day Intensives that will most benefit your church. These intensives are best for churches with 400+ in attendance and churches beyond the church plant stage.

The host church will be responsible to cover the costs of one airfare, the speaker’s meals, agreed upon hotel accommodations, and the printing of the One-Day Intensive Notebook. The host church is also responsible for the speaker’s honorarium which is pre-set prior to the event. It is up to the host church’s discretion whether to charge a registration fee to participants, and any proceeds generated in this manner would belong to the host church.

If you are interested in hosting a Frank Damazio One-Day Intensive, please complete the request form below.

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