Damazio Mentoring Experience

I’m so excited to announce the Damazio Mentoring Experience. This is an intimate one-day mentoring experience that will be limited to 10 pastors at a time, up close and personal and is designed for lead pastors who are committed to developing and growing in their skill and ministry. The first one will be called Mentoring the Preacher and will be held at my home in Portland, OR on March 19, 2019.

MARCH 19, 2019 • 9AM-5PM




From Dr. damazio

”I’m excited to add a new experience, one which is like no other thing I have done in the past. This will be a very up close and personal day I will spend with just a few pastors at my house for authentic transparency and life impartation. I will open up my personal home office with my library so you can see what I do to study & write and develop resources - it’s a once in life time experience!”

- Dr. Frank Damazio


What to expect

The atmosphere is not academic in nature, it’s more personal, pastoral, mentoring and transparency.

There will be a chosen topic with frame teaching and content given that will be the foundation for discussion, Q&A, personal insights, experience, struggles and application.

The cost of the event will also include a catered lunch as well as plenty of snacks and refreshments.

In this experience we will cover topics like:

Staying fresh

Preaching with a plan

Passage preaching

Series preaching

momentum preaching

building & preaching team

preachers reading lifestyle

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