Leaders Who Push The Boundary Lines

I understand that boundaries can be used as a positive word to the God-set boundaries we see in scripture, marriage, morals, friendships, money, words we speak, etc. I’m using boundary in this teaching as a word that denotes a limitation, something that can be moved. Boundary leaders and churches are called and empowered to push the boundary lines, to excel, to go beyond. Fear of failure can be a distraction to stepping out or giving in to the continual pressures of staying within your lines, the status quo.

We all face what I am calling boundary lines and I’m simply saying, push the lines out. The boundary line can be real or imagined, but it’s a definite line that is limiting you from going over into a new place. Boundary lines can limit, and push us back instead of pushing us through. “Great leaders are pushing the boundary lines to move beyond what is normal or usual.”

Dreams always expand our understanding of reality by challenging our boundaries of real, of the possible. Are you a boundary pushing leader? If you don’t push the boundaries you will never know where they are! If you’re not having doubt, you’re not pushing the boundaries enough. Your current safe boundaries were once unknown frontiers! Boundaries are borders, or limits, to push them would suggest effort to expand the space they contain.

“Joshua responded, “Since there are so many of you, and you find the hill country of Ephraim too confining, climb into the forest and clear ground there for yourselves in the land of the Perizzites and the Rephaim.”

But the people of Joseph said, “There’s not enough hill country for us; and the Canaanites who live down in the plain, both those in Beth Shan and its villages and in the Valley of Jezreel, have iron chariots.”

Joshua said to the family of Joseph (to Ephraim and Manasseh): “Yes, there are a lot of you, and you are very strong. One lot is not enough for you. You also get the hill country. It’s nothing but trees now, but you will clear the land and make it your own from one end to the other. The powerful Canaanites, even with their iron chariots, won’t stand a chance against you.” - Joshua 17:15-18 MSG

In this land dividing event, these two tribes have a complaint and presented Joshua with their reasoning. They felt they had been short-changed in the allotments and presented their situation as being “blessed by Jehovah” as a numerous people. Joseph’s response is, your borders are imaginary, you have restricted your own land, and it’s for you to push the boundary lines to extreme edges, by extension project your power through the mountains and into the plains. To push the border, boundary lines is to encounter the giants; your greatest future is in your greatest battles!

Here are 8 Tips to Helping You Push Boundary Lines In Your Life & Ministry:

1. Exercise Faith To See Barrenness Broken

Isaiah 54:1 “Sing O barren, you who have not borne! Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, you who have not labored with child! For more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married woman,” says the Lord.”

Barren woman is symbolic of barren churches that have no new conversion growth, spiritual children, no spiritual fruit, does not grow, no new leaders, no financial growth, faith is low, vision is small, evangelism not working.

2. Get Energized To Enlarge

Isaiah 54:2 “Enlarge the place of your tent… clear lots of ground for your tent.”

Leaders face their fears rather than side-stepping or delaying. Address your deepest worries and concerns directly, then gather yourself and move on.

3. Be Strategic In Stretching Out

“A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees further than others see and sees before others see.” -Leroy Elmes

4. Think BIG

I dare you to think bigger, to act bigger, and to be bigger. If you will, you have a greater life! It is difficult for people to think beyond the day to day stuff, small stuff causes people to struggle with thinking in an expensive manner. (Isaiah 54:2)

5. Don’t Hold Back

Don’t withhold your best - do whatever it takes. Do what is required to enlarge, to keep incredible drive, to not make excuses, to be willing to make mistakes, and to empower people around you. Team leaders and members do not do good work if they are depleted. We must challenge and care.

6. Add To What You Have

First look at where you are, what you do, and ask yourself the question: what can I add to my leadership so that I can add to others? As a leader you need to keep growing, lengthen your own cords, your own skills. Do you lead people, are you strategic, do you inspire commitment, do you have resourcefulness, are you a quick learner, do you do whatever it takes?

7. Drive Your Stakes Deep

If we lengthen our cords and not strengthen our stakes, we will be at risk. When the first big storm hits, we will have no tent. We must make our tent stakes strong, hammer them deeply into our ground presently & into the ground of our future.

8. Full Steam Ahead

When considering a great vision because we have a great commission, we should not settle for good if God has called us to great. Great leaders will always be breakout leaders who expand, see beyond, hear from God, and the move out to the water’s deep.

You are called to push the lines, make progress, accelerate growth, rise to a higher rank, forcing what has stopped you is now to be forced open.

If you are stuck, feeling doubtful or “safe.” Check out these resources to help you step out in faith.

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