Preaching Journey

Preaching! Is there something about this word that grabs you? Does it excite you? Bewilder you?

Preaching is something we preachers do at least once a week and as much as four to five times each week. So how did you feel about your preaching this week? Did you connect? Were you in the zone?

Preaching is one of those experiences that is very difficult to define or explain to someone. Just when you think you hit the mark and walk away saying, “Now that is how I should preach all the time,” someone will say something like, “Did you forget what your main point was? You seemed to be wandering around in the message.” Or “Did you get enough rest last night; you seemed tired today.” Or “I really liked the story but I didn’t get your point.” People will always say very different things after you preach so don’t exegete what they say.

Remember that preaching is an ever-learning journey. Always be learning and improving yet also be content knowing you will never preach good enough to satisfy your own standard of preaching. Seek to do your very best, never shirking on preparation and study. But also never forget that the preacher is simply an instrument God uses and the results are in His hands. Keep your focus on the Word of God, not on other people’s praise or criticism. Preaching begins in the Bible and ends in the Bible. Be a Bible-centered preacher and allow God to use your preaching for His glory.

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