Take Your Generosity Culture To The Next Level

August 17-19, 2020 • Portland, Oregon

Taking Your Generosity Culture to the Next Level is the new 2020 Frank Damazio Intensive event in Portland, Oregon. This intensive will help any and all leaders to strategically cultivate a biblical culture of amazing generosity that goes beyond routine giving. The intensive will build faith and excitement for leaders to build a context for giving that will see increase and overflow. Radical generosity is possible and the leader can be intentional in crafting this giving culture that will change the future of everyone.


  1. Generosity Culture Obstacles Confronted

  2. Generosity Culture First Steps

  3. Generosity Culture Seven Components

  4. Generosity Culture Strategic Creativity

  5. Generosity Culture Seed & Soil

  6. Generosity Culture Amazing Overflow

  7. Generosity Culture Courageous Faith

  8. Generosity Culture Profoundly Contagious

  9. Generosity Culture Continual Celebration

    (Until August 25, 2019)

$275/Senior Pastor
$175/Staff & Team Members

(AFTER August 25, 2019)

$350/Senior Pastor
$225/Staff & Team Members

Early Bird Pricing ENDS August 25, 2019 at midnight.

More About 2-Day Intensives

The 2-Day Intensives are aimed at lead pastors, team pastors and leaders. Drawing from decades of pastoral ministry and academic achievement, this structured time with 10 - 12 teaching sessions will include a 140 page notebook and Q&A session in a coaching type of atmosphere.

This 2-Day Intensive experience will focus on one topic, for example; Taking Your Preaching to a New Level, Taking Your Leadership Pipeline to the Next Level, Taking Your Mentoring & Teams to the Next Level and Growing Your Church to the Next Level.

To sustain an interactive atmosphere, this event is limited to 90 registrants.

These events are only available a few times a year so space is limited.

See What Past Attendees Have to Say

“Something special has been opened since you’ve been with us a month ago. It’s as if a deposit of faith and an open door was granted to us since you came. We’ve broken attendance twice since, more people came out to prayer than I ever remember and there’s a genuine sense of momentum! Thank you for opening spiritual doors and helping to create breakthroughs.”
— Pastor Bob Grimm, Life Church, Walla Walla WA
“It’s a big expense and a lot of work to coordinate my schedule and to get here; but it’s worth every second of it, because as a lead pastor I find that resources like this are very rare. Someone that’s willing to take over 20 hours to do a deep dive into a subject that’s critical for my leadership, for my life and Pastor Frank has the rare gifts of being able to speak profoundly theologically, as well as harness business insights, and just a wealth of information. So if you’re a pastor or leader of any sort you owe it to yourself, to your congregation, to your family, to your soul to make it to one of Frank Damazio’s Intensives.”
— Pastor Kristian Hernandez, Hope Astoria, Queens NYC
“Pastor Frank has really just mastered the art of mentoring the mentor and leading the leader. When you leave you’re not leaving feeling like you just sat in a crash course, you’re leaving feeling like you sat at the feet of your mentor one-on-one and all the greatness that he pulls out of you in the two and a half days you’re ready to pour that into the people that you lead and serve... The material is so relevant and it speaks to all generations, even as a millennial...”
— Pastor Ashley, Emmanuel Church, Portland OR